What are the acceptance criteria for basalt stone tile?

How to determine whether the intact basalt stone tile material meets our needs requires a simple criterion.

First of all, it is the surface finish of basalt stone tile. If there is a basalt that needs to be polished, you can use your eyes to observe the surface structure of the stone, or feel it by hand. In general, good quality basalt stone tile material will have a delicate texture after polishing.

The second is to check the surface quality of basalt stone tile. The ultimate goal of stone is to be appreciated, so the appearance is not a problem, and this can also be directly felt with the naked eye, such as missing edges, missing corners, cracks, stains, color lines and pits and other quality defects are not allowed some.

In addition, it is necessary to focus on measuring the size. The error of each size can not be too large, otherwise it will affect the subsequent stitching of the stone.

Finally, check the security license. Radiation has always been a safety issue that we need to pay special attention to, but most of the radioactivity of stone is in a safe range. China divides stone registration into three categories A, B and C. In general, A grade is absolutely safe.

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