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Mongolian Black Basalt Stair Steps——Flamed

Mongolian black basalt is very popular in the staircase market
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Mongolian Black Basalt
Mongolian black basalt is produced in Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and other places. This type of basalt can be finer and has some white spots on the surface, which is suitable for paving stone.
The surface treatment is basalt with a fire surface, which just caters to the needs of the stairs. After the stone is heated at a high temperature, a flamed surface is formed, and the surface of the surface is recessed, and the surface formed is rough.
The rough surface of the stairway with fire surface reduces the possibility of people falling down while walking the stair steps, so Mongolian black basalt is very popular in the staircase market.
Mongolian black basalt stair stepsMongolian Black Basalt

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