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Basalt Kerbstone——Rounghing

The use of basalt stone in the roadside stone is a suitable thing, because the basalt stone has a natural hard and specific, and the purchase cost of basalt is not particularly high
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Hainan black basalt kerbstone - rough grinding
The roadside stone is made of basalt stone, which is more suitable for application scenarios, such as parks and roads. Because basalt is not so many spots on the surface of granite, it is simpler and simpler.
This basalt color is grayish and is coarsely ground. It is more suitable to create rounds, so that the corners are not too sharp.
It is often used to create borders in gardens and roads, or at the junction of buildings.
Basalt has a high hardness, long service life and low maintenance cost. It is a good choice for roadside stone.
basalt kerbstone


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